Monday, April 29, 2013

List of full form of domain names extensions

List Of Full Form of Domain Names Extensions

.com → commercial Internet sites.

.edu → educational sites .

.firm → for an Internet site for a business.

.gov → for a government site on the Internet.

.int → international institutions.

.mil → for a U.S. military site on the Internet.

.mobi → for mobile phones.

.nato → for NATO sites.

.net → for Internet administrative sites.

.nom → for a personal site on the Internet.

.org → for organizational Internet sites.

.store →for a retail business.

.web → for an Internet site that is about the World Wide Web.

.in → India

.Us → united states

.uk united kindom

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Earn income from social networking site for free

How do you earn $1,000 free quaterly by becoming member of zurker

Joining and becoming member you become the owner of website.

To Join Zurker to get free VShares and become share holder of this website click here.

First, What is Zurker,

facebook CEO and Founder mark zukerburg was blamed to stole the idea of facebook from two twin brother in harvard university in 2001 , later on they complaint and they got 65 million dollar in 2007.

In 2009 they started a new project(ZURKER) and launched the beta version in DEC 2011.
You can join it now and become a share holder of this website.
This awesome feature of share is added by them.
Currently there are thousands of member joining this web site in UK alone per day.

But you can register only by invitation from this link click here.

What are vShares?

vShares are a stake in Zurker. Specifically, vShares are units of reservation for equity in the Zurker Project, allocated to members during alpha and beta testing. However, vShares shouldn't be confused with shares or stock. vShares can be thought of as agreements between the owners of a startup about the size of their stake in the enterprise to be incorporated. Such agreements are common amongst founding investors whenever a business is launched; however, with hundreds of thousands of investors owning vShares in Zurker, the number of owners is larger than usual.

How are vShares allocated?

vShares are allocated to members in exchange for inviting their friends to Zurker. vShares may also be purchased for cash.

What use are vShares?

One vShare is equivalent to ownership of 1/1,000,000 of Zurker. When 1,000,000 vShares have been allocated, Zurker will be restructured as a public corporation and vShares will become real shares. (Incorporating a company with 1,000,000 stakeholders is a complex and challenging undertaking logistically and financially, requiring a dedicated team and considerable financial experience, expertise, and resources, which is why we are not doing it now.)

In other words, vShares entitle the owner to own equity in Zurker, and shares in the future Zurker corporation.

Why does Zurker give out vShares?

In conventional startups, small groups of investors own the entire company. The first investor provides the seed capital, which is usually used for initial development. Seed capital is typically less than $20,000. Once a product is ready, 'angel' investors enable expansion with investments of about $250,000 or more. If the startup performs as expected, VC's (venture capitalists) come in with millions in funding.

Since the development and growth are funded by small groups of just a few people, fortunes can be made. In the case of Facebook, for example, one of the early investors, Peter Thiel, now owns a stake worth about $1.5 billion. It's no wonder that many of the world's fortunes and super yachts are owned by Venture Capital investors such as Tom Perkins.

vShares enable Zurker to grow without relying on a small group of outside investors. Some vShares are purchased with cash, financing servers and other expenses. Other vShares are disbursed in exchange for referrals (successful invitations of friends to Zurker). The cost of user acquisition is often estimated to be about $7.50; to this day Facebook continues to advertise for new users, spending probably $15 ~ $20 per new account.

What is the value of a vShare?

Currently, vShares are priced at Rs.150. Zurker will be incorporated as a company when 1,000,000 vShares have been allocated. At that juncture, the value of a vShare should be about ten times as much, as successful startups with more than 500,000 users can easily gain a valuation of $5+ million.

If Zurker were to continue to grow and attain a valuation of $50 billion like Facebook, each vShare would be worth $50,000. Of course, it's unwise to assume that Zurker will attain the same level of valuation as the current market leader.

Bebo was sold to AOL for a more down-to-earth $800 million. At that level of valuation, each vShare would be worth $800. MySpace was sold to News Corporation for $580 million - about $580 per vShare.

The above estimates are based on capital gains. If Zurker were never to sell out - and a user base of owner-investors would probably oppose selling out to a large corporation - the value of vShares would be determined by the earnings of the company and the dividends paid quarterly. If Zurker earns a net profit of $100 million, then each vShare would entitle the owner to a pretax income of $100. If you own 10 vShares now, that would translate to an income of $1,000 per quarter.

Click here to become member

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Monday, April 08, 2013

10 easy steps to make your computer super fast

Make your computer super fast

1) The very common and basic step is to uninstall unneeded things from control panel.

2) Delete temporarily stored files from computer. To do this, open Run and type %temp% and then delete all visible files.

3) This is important to install a good antivirus.Your antivirus will restrick autorun's and worms coming from externals and internet as they slow down your computer.

4) Check for errors and auto fix them.This can be done by right clicking on any drive and then on properties then on tools tab. Click check Now.New window will popup. Click on both checkboxes and then start.

5) Defragment all your drives to access them faster. To do this, follow 4th point , instead of check now click defragment and start the process.

6) Follow 4th and 5th point for all drives and then restart computer.

7) [Option, follow if you good in computing]Install a software called CCleaner, very small software but a must for every pc, after installing go to tools, click startup, now disable unneeded programs like adobe updater,DAP etc from start up of computer , a list is in front of you.

8) Clean your cooler fan every month if you use computer.

9) Add extra 1GB RAM if you think your pc is still slow but if you think your pc is virus affected then Format is the best and last option [Dont no how to format ? let me know, its very simple]

10) All the best. Happy computing :)
speed-up computer, Improve Performance, speed-up windows, faster computer
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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Increase Your Virtual RAM and Make Your System Faster | Hacking Tips and Trickz

Increase Your Virtual RAM and Make Your System Faster 

Steps :--

1) Hold down the 'Windows' Key and Press the 'Pause/Break' button at the top right of your keyboard.
Another way is Right-Clicking 'My Computer' and then Select 'Properties'.

2) Click on the 'Advanced' tab.

3) Under 'Performance', click 'Settings'.

4) Then click the 'Advanced' tab on the button that pops up.

5) Under 'Virtual Memory' at the bottom, click 'Change'.

6) Click the 'Custom Size' button.

7) For the initial size (depending on your HD space), type in anywhere from 1000-1500 (although I use 4000), and for the Maximum size type in anywhere from 2000-2500 (although I use 6000).

8) Click 'Set', and then exit out of all of the windows.

9) Finally, Restart your computer.

10) You now have a faster computer and 1-2GB of Virtual RAM..!
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Monday, April 01, 2013

Wow facts of life must read

The statements recorded below are outcomes of science and psychological studies…helps better to understand the reasons behind acts and it effects, the list may be somewhat lengthy, but hope it will make you curious as you move over…..check it out J

· A hug that lasts for 20 seconds releases oxytocin, which can make someone trust you more.

· Depressed people actually dream up to three times as much as non-depressed people.

· Men and women who listen to music more often tend to be better communicators.

· The feeling of loneliness is processed in the same part of the brain as physical pain.

· Blue color has a calming effect, releases calming hormones in the brain.

· Cursing when you're hurt helps to reduce the pain.

· Listening to 'sarcastic' people daily will make you more creative.

· The higher your I.Q. the more you dream.

· Hearing someone call out your name when nobody has actually called out your name, is a sign of a healthy mind.

· Emotional pain lasts for 12 minutes, anything longer than that is considered to be self-inflicted.

· Over 80% of the time, it's not the actual person you miss, but the moments you created with that individual.

· Faking a smile can actually increase and boost your mood.

· A psychological study found that men often find funny women intimidating.

· Ants go to war similar to humans. They use even more advanced strategies such as sending the weaker ants out to fight first.

· The average woman will pack about 26 items in her suitcase that she'll never need.

· When a person dies, their sense of hearing is the last to go.

· You are more creative late at night and less creative in the afternoon.

· Kissing can speed up your metabolism. Couples that engage in 3 to 5 kisses per day are less likely to be overweight.

· Studies found that children who are better liars, tend to become more successful adults.

· Listening to music is actually one of the few activities that uses the entirety of the human brain.

· Insecure people are more likely to hate people that they barely even know.

· Over-thinking about something slows down your brain.

· Speaking more than one language makes your brain more agile and also increases your IQ.

· Gossip actually triggers the part of a woman's brain that is associated with pleasure and happiness.

· Women prefer men with a good sense of humor because it's associated with intelligence and honesty.

· Pain can completely change the way a person looks at and deals with their everyday life.

· Fear momentarily improves your vision and decision-making ability.

· Talking to yourself has been proven to actually make you smarter.

· The brain is a powerful thing. Worrying about getting sick can actually make you sick.

· Singing helps the human mind to avoid depression as well as anxiety.

· If you talk to someone while walking together, your footsteps will eventually synchronize with each other.

· 70% of people lay in bed at night remembering past conversations, imagining what they should have said instead.

· Kids who took music lessons have higher IQs.

· Chocolate lowers cholesterol, relieves stress, strengthens the immune system, and reduces anxiety.

· Smiling is contagious. Do it more often.

· Girls who have more 'guy friends' than 'girl friends' go through less depression and anxiety.

· Napping after learning something new actually help store it permanently in your mind.

· Over 70% of people will see things in their dreams, and then at some point later see the same thing in real life.

· psychological studies suggest, when you can't stop thinking about someone, it's likely because they're thinking about you as well.
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