Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trick to earn free mobile recharge for lifetime

Just today i came across a website which is also providing free online recharge. When i registered on that site, the first thought came was it is similar to Amulyam which is also a mobile recharge website and i have recharged my mobile so many times and still recharging. One more site is ultoo which is again a similar site.

Now my idea is why would i waste my money on recharge when this many websites are available where i can recharge for free. if i recharge 10 from amulyam and 10 from ultoo and 10 from this new site, you will get 30 INR of free recharge. And if you search on Google you will find many more so just think why you would waste money in recharge instead you register and complete some small surveys or play games and earn some recharge for free. happy recharging :)

Register on this new site --> Click here to register for free recharge

Register on Amulyam --> Click here

Register on Ultoo --> Click here
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top 10 Cell phones Safety facts for everyone

Top 10 Cell phones Safety facts:

1. Keep the handset if possible at least 2 to 7 inches away from your head or use loudspeaker mode. It decreases the transmission of electro- magnetic radiation to the brain significantly.

2. Do not keep the cell phones close to your head when sleeping. Switch it off in the night or keep it 1.80 meters or 6 feet away from your head.

3. If keeping cell phones in pocket keep the keypad towards you so that antenna faces away from you.

4. Don’t use cell phones if pregnant. The developing organs of the fetus or child are the most sensitive to any possible effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure.

5. Avoid cell phones usage in ‘metal containers’ like Vehicles, Elevators, Airplanes, Trains and any other type of metal container as it increases the EMR.

6. Avoid using the wired headsets. If you do use headsets use an air tube headset with ferrite beads. Blue tooth are better as they emit 1/100th the EMR of a normal cell phone. With regular headsets you get 3 times more EMR than if you hold the cell phone against your ear.

7. Cell phones are a big NO for Children under 15 years as currently brain tumors are the second leading cause of death in children.

8. Keep cell phones well away from newborns. EMR travel through children’s brains much more easily due to thinner skulls and hence increases the risk of cancer.

9. Avoid using cell phones in your pant pocket – as radiation can affect your fertility. Avoid it in breast pocket if you have a pacemaker.

10. When buying a cell phone – look for one with a low SAR or Specific Absorption Rate. Lower the SAR number the better. For example - Popular Motorola Razr V3x has a SAR of 0.14 – which is amongst the lowest seen recently.
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