Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trick to earn free mobile recharge for lifetime

Just today i came across a website which is also providing free online recharge. When i registered on that site, the first thought came was it is similar to Amulyam which is also a mobile recharge website and i have recharged my mobile so many times and still recharging. One more site is ultoo which is again a similar site.

Now my idea is why would i waste my money on recharge when this many websites are available where i can recharge for free. if i recharge 10 from amulyam and 10 from ultoo and 10 from this new site, you will get 30 INR of free recharge. And if you search on Google you will find many more so just think why you would waste money in recharge instead you register and complete some small surveys or play games and earn some recharge for free. happy recharging :)

Register on this new site --> Click here to register for free recharge

Register on Amulyam --> Click here

Register on Ultoo --> Click here

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