Saturday, October 02, 2010

Various Command prompts for Windows

Windows utility and applications

EPLORER: Opens windows Explorer

IEXPLORER: Opens Internet explorer

WAB: opens Contacts

CHARMAP: opens Character Map

WRITE: opens WordPad

NOTEPAD: opens Notepad

CALC: opens Calculator

CLIPBRD: opens Clipbook Viewer

WINCHAT: opens Microsoft Chat Interface

SOUNDRECORDER: opens sound recording tool


WMPLAYER: opens Windows Media Player

MOVIEMK: Opens untitled Windows Movie Maker

OSK: opens on-screen Keyboard

MAGNIFY: opens Magnifier

WINCAL: opens Calendar

DIALER: opens phone Dialer

EUDCEDIT: opens Private Character Editor

NDVOL: opens the mixer volume

RSTRUI : opens Tool System Restore (For Vista only)

%WINDIR%\SYSTEM32\RESTORE\rstrui.exe: opens Tool System Restore (for XP only).

MSINFO32: Opens the System Information

MRT : launches the utility removal of malware.

Taskmgr : Opens the Windows Task Manager

CMD: opens a command prompt

MIGWIZ: Opens the tool for transferring files and settings from Windows (Vista only)

Migwiz.exe: Opens the tool for transferring files and settings from Windows (for XP only)
SIDEBAR: Open the Windows (Vista only)

Sigverif : Opens the tool for verification of signatures of files

Winver : Opens the window for your Windows version

FSQUIRT: Bluetooth Transfer Wizard
IExpress opens the wizard for creating self-extracting archives. Tutorial HERE

MBLCTR: opens the mobility center (Windows Vista only)

MSRA : Opens the Windows Remote Assistance

Mstsc : opens the tool connection Remote Desktop

MSDT: opens the diagnostic tools and support Microsoft

WERCON: opens the reporting tool and solutions to problems (for Vista only)

WINDOWSANYTIMEUPGRADE: Enables the upgrade of Windows Vista

WINWORD : opens Word (if installed)

PRINTBRMUI : Opens migration wizard printer (Vista only)

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