Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to change MAC address of the system

Steps to change MacAddress of PC

1. Note down the description and current MAC address of the card you want to modify.
To do this, open a command prompt and type the following:

ipconfig /all

2. The description of the card is in the field "Description", whereas the MAC address can be found at the field "Physical address".

3. Start the registry editor by using regedit command in run(regedit under Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 2003 server) and open the node


Click on each of them until you get Network adapter in description as shown below:

Network Adapter main node

4. Find the node which contains the field Driver Description in the right pane that matches the description of the network adapter you want to change.

5. Now find the registry key "NetworkAddress" (without quotes). If not found create the new one and choose type String key by right clicking there.

6. Double click the entry "NetworkAddress" and enter the new network address. Note that the new network address should have exactly twelve digits like 001122334455

7. Once you entered the new network address, the network adapter has to be restarted. To do this, open the control panel and then "Network and Dialup connections". Right click the network connection you have just modified, and then click disable. After the device has been disabled, right-click the connection again and click Enable.

8. Open a command prompt, and type ipconfig /all to check, whether the new MAC address has been changed. If the displayed physical address is still the same, your network card is probably incapable of changing this setting.

9.Okay. Its done. Enjoy your new Mac Address.

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