Wednesday, February 08, 2012

How to format your computer using Bootable pandrive / USB port / USB Format

Make USB bootable
A complete windows xp or windows 7 formatting process by USB

1) Windows CD to make your pandrive bootable
2) Pandrive minimum 2gb for windows XP.
3) A computer/laptop to connect pandrive.
4) Download this software Click here

Note : If you CD ROM is not working then find some other computer where you can put your windows CD to transfer files to Pandrive.

Installing downloaded software and begin formatting your computer
  • Put your windows cd in CD ROM
  • Connect your pandrive [Delete all your data from pandrive]
  • Now open the downloaded software and install it.
  • Open it and you will see three options select windows CD , your pandrive, and select transfer files from windows cd to pandrive.
  • The process of transfering files will begin and all your files will be transferred to pandrive
  • Now your pandrive will act as bootable to install windows

Now steps on formatting using USB

You need to change some settings in BIOS

Step 1) Restart your computer and keep pressing delete key you will enter into BIOS settings

Step 2) Go to boot menu using arrow keys, and select boot priority to floppy disk, default is CD ROM.

Step 3) Now check all menus from top, if you find anything like write protection disabled then make it enabled and if you find usb boot as disabled then make it enabled. [Use your arrow keys to rotate through the menus.]

Step 4) Now click F10 and then Y to save changes . Computer will be restarted and if your pandrive is connected it will boot using USB port and formatting will begin.

Note: when your pandrive is detected after restart, select first option, go for TEXT format option and when after second restart , continue to graphical interface if detected again.

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