Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Linux Tips and tricks

Linux Tips and tricks

Top = server statistics info
(q to quit)
top -h = lists options

df –h = disk space in humanly readable format

su - = login as root with actual root priveleges

ls –shl |more = directory listing with total space used at top

cd ~wpb (~=home) changes to home dir (relative pointer)

find /cove –name fv056r33.flx = finds all instances of file (fv056r33.flx in this case) on server

rm –f = remove file with force option (to avoid confirmation on each file). There is also a command to do recursive directories but kindo dangerous!

cp –v (copy with verbose option to show activity).

ps ax |grep dfrun (shows all users running process dfrun)

Finger + user = tells who the user is (name, stats, etc).
id = gives user info (userid, group id, groups belonged to).

lprm –p(printername)= shows print status

lpr –p(quename) filename = to print file to specified queue.

passwd = change your pw
passwd +userid (when logged in as root) = changes specified user pw.

to exit shift + :q

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