Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Cracking windows xp admin and user passwords

I hope u guys liked tip given for resetting passwords in first part.
If u have guest or limited user account on PC than that control userpasswords2 tip does not help u much. Windows will still ask u admin password for resetting users passwords .

Ok go and Download a tool called CIA COMMANDER this is just what we want. This tool will create a copy protected bootable floppy which will allow u to boot any computer and also help u to get into any NTFS partition .First select floppy as first bootable device from BIOS. CIA shows u every thing to u in GUI.

After booting CIA will allow u to reset any user password even administrator’s password. It also includes a file manager, registry editor and a text/hex editor. Present version of CIA does not support FAT partitions but sooner its new version will even support FAT partition based system.

I have read on some tutorials about a tool called NTFS Pro which looks almost like CIA .

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