Saturday, November 29, 2014

Best Email Security Tips For Internet Users 2014 2015

Internet email security tips
1. Enable two step verification in you Email accounts.
2. Enable Login-notification for you email and get notification in your mobile whenever you login.
3. Set a strong password with a mix of alphabets, numbers and special charecters.
4. Enable login- notification for you facebook accounts to prevent unauthorised access.
5. Enable HTTPS in your email sttings annd your facebook account settings.
6. Never share your password with anyone. Even to your closest person.
7. Setup a recovery question which is difficult to answer and never setup an easy & guessable answer to your security question.
8. Never click on any links sent through mail or chat. It may be a link which can steal your cookie or inject any viruses.
9. Always check your address bar for proper website address before logging in.

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