Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hide Files and Folders Using Command Prompt -Latest Trick

This trick will hide your private files and folders. Files will not be visible even if you search for it.
This trick is not similar to hiding files from folder options area which is not that secured compared to this.
This is kind of locker for you.

Only you can make it visible if you know the file name or folder name.
Just try it out.

The Trick :
Step 1) Press windowkey+R: Run command dialog box appears.

Step 2) Now type "cmd" and hit enter. A command prompt window displays.
Now type "attrib +s +h E:\collegephotos" and hit enter.
The folder "collegephotos" will be hidden (Note: It cannot be viewed by any search options)

(To view this folder again, use the same command but replace '+' with '-' on both flags 's' and 'h')

Comment if you like it or if any problem.

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