Sunday, November 20, 2011

Make Money by checking email - just spend 5 minutes and earn money

I am a regular user on this website and i am getting 3000-4000 INR every month.
I don't check all mails, I check mails which pay me 2-10 INR and i am doing well.
Only 5 minutes i spend on checking them.

1) Create a account at this website . Click here

2) Every day you login you get paid for that.So login every day and check email.

3)If you are a regular user, you get more emails and for each email you check, you are paid from 0.25 - 10 INR.

Note : If you refer your friends you get 10 INR for each first 10 friends and after that you are paid 2 INR.
Also when you refer your friends you get more mails which pay you higher.
When you reach 500 INR, you have a option to redeem your money.

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